Someone wrote in [personal profile] diplopod 2010-11-03 01:36 pm (UTC)

Spamming it up for serious

Heipä! I'm the non!Ardis from the meme, creeping over to your journal all stalker-y like because I really was obedient and went to bed before I got to read your last comment. BTW, don't ask why I started to write to you in two different mini threads. I have no idea.

Now! Since this already is creepy and stalker-y, isn't this just the perfect moment to speak about you getting naked? Yes, I thought so too. <- This is famous Finnish diplomacy, delicacy and discretion in work. You must feel very appreciated to experience it first hand like this.

Let me tell you some naked!stories: there's an old lady living in my neighbourhood. She goes to swim everyday as long as there's no ice. She gets to the beach, takes of her clothes, puts on the swimsuit, gets in the lake. Comes out, takes of the swimsuit, dries herself, puts on her clothes and goes merrily away. Notice how I don't mention any changing rooms... I think it's really sweet! My goal is to be just like her when I get old. Only with more cats and mumbling to myself.

And when the Google street view cars captured pictures of corpses or illicit lovers in other places, Finnish headlines were really indignant because they had taken pictures of some perfectly normal middle aged man who was sitting outside enjoying the peace of his own garden. Without no pants or underwear whatsoever. I like his life philosophy! If you can do it naked, why bother with clothes? You just end up taking them of eventually. Winter is the only reason Finns originally ever warmed up to the whole idea of clothes. Nakedness is such a wonderful thing, you should really overcome your sauna shyness and embrace your inner naked barbarian!

Mm, and when I wrote Mariehamn (or some random typo version of it... yeah, it was late. That's my excuse) I of course meant Åland. Failing at your own country's geography is a precious, precious thing indeed. It's just that when the boats arrive there they announce arrival in Mariehamn... Sorry Ålanders, one day I will learn that there's more to your island than the capital. But maybe I can make some amends by saying that I really love the capital! It's so idyllic, pure children's books material. Berwald and Tino may lack some upbringing skills but they sure give good genes to their kids. Unless Åland = Hanatamago/Blomsterägget/Kukkamuna. That could explain why it doesn't really wish to be independent and why it is demilitarized. The thought of a cute fluffy puppy leading the army is... interesting.

...Can you yet guess that I'm seriously procrastinating some work I should very badly do? Well - at least this time I managed to keep it all in one comment, thanks for the small mercies?

Hyvää jatkoa!

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