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Re: Spamming it up for serious

Hello! And no worries, I think you're being more cute than creepy/stalker-y if anything. o3ob

Going to be honest, I actually cringed more at the thought of someone swimming in what's most likely freezing cold water than changing in front of everyone on the beach. I can understand after warming up in the sauna, but... Brrr. And I heard something similar happened with the Google cars in Denmark! Well, nothing wrong with that. I have no problem with other people being naked, I'm just too easily embarrassed myself.

And I figured Åland was what you meant, and Google picked Mariehamn up pretty quick, spelling errors or not. S'all good! (And I can't even name/place all the states in the US, so we can fail at our own countries' geography together. orz) I actually haven't bothered to look into Åland much at all. But if Mariehamn is anything like you say, I guess I'll have to. Gamla Stad was beautiful too, so I trust your judgement. ♥ Haha, I do like the headcanon that Hanatamago is Åland. Then again, Hana isn't all that bratty and she seems to like Finland too much to be Åland. Oh well, it'd still be really cute.

This is so late, but get your work done! And talking in more than one comment is totally fine, especially when you're anon, 'cause you can't go back and edit or anything, so don't worry about it!

Speaking of editing, I hope you're not tracking this 'cause if you are, your inbox is going to get so spammed. Sorry! /o\ /edit edit edit

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