yuuago: (NorIce - Rest)
yuuago ([personal profile] yuuago) wrote in [personal profile] diplopod 2010-12-11 06:44 am (UTC)

I wish we lived near one another. Then I could just lend you this novel when I'm done with it.

(Yeah, World War Z again. Still enjoying it, even though it's disturbing)

I keep trying to say more in this comment, but then I keep deleting it because it's sappy 'n dumb 'n mostly just stuff I think I've mentioned before, the whole, "I wish we could study together and mooch books off one another and have a geeky bromance" thing.

That's dumb but I'm not going to delete it because it's less dumb than how I'd originally phrase it.

I should probably go to bed instead of being mushy all over your spampost.

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