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Okay, so I figured out a way to make Windows stop installing that thing that makes my computer not start. Figured you might want a hand since you've had the same problem.

Sorry if these instructions seem super dumbed down. I can't remember how computer literate you are. (I'm not overly much myself, so)

Okay, I think I might have isolated the issue.
I don't know what version of Windows you're using, but anyway. This is how you get it to stop downloading the update - the one I /think/ is causing the problem.

Control panel - windows update
Sidebar: "change settings"
In the drop-down, select "Download updates but let me choose whether to install them"
OK, then restart the computer if necessary.

Back in Windows Update again.
Under updates were installed, select "view update history". It should show you which ones were successful and which ones failed.
Now, one of the failed ones might be this:
Security Update for Windows Vista (KB2555917)
That's the one that is giving me trouble. If it's also the one giving you trouble, it will be listed as "failed". Some others might be listed as that too, but this is the problem one.

With the computer set so that you have to tell it which updates to do, you can stop it from auto-installing this fucked one that way. Now, if you want to install the other updates as well, do as follows:

Go back to Windows Update. Click "X important updates are available". You'll see probably a few different ones, including that one I listed above. De-select everything and install them one at a time by selecting one and installing it, then restarting, lather rinse repeat, except KB2555917. Things should be good after that, though you might have to turn off auto-installation again after everything is done.

Haven't figured out how to install that one update without it making my computer not start, but ehhh for now this is fine.

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