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Let's spam it up. If you want to friend me, you can let me know here if you want. Or just friend me without asking, that's fine too. Journal's public anyway. Likewise, feel free to de-friend me if you want. I won't get offended or ask any questions.

I always leave anonymous commenting on and IP logging off, so feel free to bug me whenever about whatever.

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here there be essays

(Anonymous) 2010-11-03 10:39 pm (UTC)(link)
Sorry... that's what usually happens when I try to be all cool and suave.

But not after ice swimming! After that you feel like you could fight bears with your bare hands. Or face molotovcocktails! Or maybe just the bears.

Ah, the stereotypes. Finland should be the grim one and Sweden too jolly for comfort. But if you consider politics Fin is a little thing usually trying to please everyone while Sweden has had its moments of "hey, it'd be a great idea to be an empire, y/y?". But that doesn't really explain Hana!Åland - maybe the puppy was just a cute idea.

I live in a box with windows. Cheap brick architecture glory... But at least its red. At one time no Finnish architect was able to fight their unhealthy affection for grey concrete. I guess it went well with the general gloom of the economic depression.

Now why did I think the whole world has read Lindgren? Anyway, they're really nostalgic and idyllic Swedish children's book where everything is bright and full of life. The town's only police knows everybody by name and all the kids know how to sail and are free to run wildly through the endless summers with their dogs and other assorted animals.

And YES SIR! =o=7 Thank you for that much needed management by perkele moment! Will do my work! First thing tomorrow.

But first I'll ramble a bit about the difficulty of getting jobs in Finland without being fluent in official languages since last night I wasn't awake enough to comment on anything sensible.

Good part of the east and north tend to go "what, two official languages, nobody sent us the memo" and many (I'd guess most) people in professions where they in principle should be able to speak fluent Swedish can't really serve customers or speak with clients in that language.

I've also met several people who work here but can't speak either language. Some admittedly clean metro stations but some work in universities, Nokia or advertisement firms. Some teach English for more advantaged students in unis, firms or open universities. All in all I think that the field and location both affect the language question a lot. But basically it's the people in customer service who need the language skills. If you're going to do something else, well, all your colleagues speak English anyway!

And as racist as it is, getting a job here is probably easier for an American than to many other foreigners. Our TV is full of (Alfred F. Jones type of) American culture, it doesn't scare people so much.

Re: here there be essays

[identity profile] diplopod.livejournal.com 2010-11-04 03:13 am (UTC)(link)
Your body doesn't go into shock or anything? Oh man, I think I'd even take fighting bears and molotov over the swimming in ice water to begin with! /)_(\ It sounds dangerous. Unless you're a polar bear.

I'm pretty sure Hanatamago was just a cute idea. But it's fun to think of her as Åland sometimes anyway.

Bahhh, yeah, like I said back on the meme, it's one of the downsides of Finland. Some buildings are really nice, but judging by google's street view, most of the them are just boxes with windows. But I hear good things about Finnish design, so I'm sure the insides of some are much more interesting.

I recognize the names of some of Lindgren's books, but I haven't actually read any of them. But I think I get the picture! It sounds nice. *3* I wonder if I could catch a boat to Mariehamn while I'm in Turku...

And thank you for boosting my confidence in finding work there! Not gonna lie, I worry about it a lot. I mean, I hear finding work there even if you're Finnish can be hard, so I can only imagine what a pain it is for foreigners.

But that makes me feel a lot better about it! You are awesome. ♥


(Anonymous) 2010-11-12 02:49 am (UTC)(link)
Hello, I hope you're feeling better! Although I fear that your ears will never recover from the horrible abuse. That's a bit sad... How did you manage to develop a taste in those songs? Maybe when you come here you can try some ice swimming and get yourself sorted out. I swear you don't go into shock although sometimes spleens drop and everybody dies.

Finnish architecture never really had a change, poor thing. First everything kept burning up. Then during the sixties people suddenly wanted to give only the best things for the future generation and logically that meant tearing up everything old and building really practical and rather ugly buildings. And now bigger cities can't slap apartment blocs together quickly enough for all the people who want to move in them after their jobs. I guess in Turku there's Vanha Suurtori and, and... yeah, that was it.

I guess Finnish design can mostly boast about... saddle chairs. And mugs and stuff. And Klaus Haapaniemi draws some pretty pictures in his mugs.

Come here we have mustamakkara mobile phone throwing ...trees?

Re: hugs

[identity profile] diplopod.livejournal.com 2010-11-12 03:16 am (UTC)(link)
........ It is like 5 AM, why are you awake? ಠ_ಠ

Much better now, no worries! Oh man, I'm gonna get you. щ(≖n≖щ) They are wonderful and catchy and clearly you just haven't listened to them enough! Three of them are Finland's even, geez. But I think I will just stay out of the ice water. I'm quite happy with my spleen right where it is.

That's so sad. But hey, nothing wrong with practicality. The cities are still kind of pretty. Even if the buildings are boring, the cities have a lot of trees and just... green from what I can tell. At least much more than around here. So there's that!

/looks up Haapaniemi... Oh, this stuff is weird, but I like it! I like marimekko's stuff too. And I saw some really nice glassware from Finland on ebay. There's plenty to boast about. o3ob

You also have lots of taxes, lots of nature, and lots of peace and quiet compared to here. Just try to keep me away.

Re: hugs

(Anonymous) 2010-11-12 05:36 am (UTC)(link)
Insomnia, the best reason ever to torment the English speaking part of the internet with my sleepy typos! You make me cry... Yes, they're catchy. So is measles. And come on. When was the last time you used your spleen for anything? They're so overrated.

The green we do have. When I was a kid we had this European friendship thingie and wrote to some other class. Their teacher suggested that we'd write the story of some tree since in their city all of them had been planted by someone famous. We, on the other hand, were rather confused about their sudden desire to have biology lessons. "There were some seeds and then there were trees. Which is awesome since that's how we get vastas. The end."

And you're too cute to keep away.

Re: hugs

[identity profile] diplopod.livejournal.com 2010-11-12 02:55 pm (UTC)(link)
Ahh, I see. Well, I guess I can't blame you for that. :Ia You make me cry! щ(ಥДಥщ) But hey, if it's any consolation, it's not like any of them are my favorites? Except that one that was part of Melodifestivalen, but that totally doesn't count as Eurovision. And honestly? Beats me! I don't even know what the spleen does and I'm too lazy to look it up. This is why I'm not a biology student. But I'm quite sure I need it to, y'know... live.

Pffft, that is oddly adorable. Poor kids, they must have been so confused when they got those letters.

щ(゚Д゚щ) ...I'm not cute! /sob

Re: hugs

(Anonymous) 2010-11-13 08:47 pm (UTC)(link)
Aw... you can like whatever music you like! I love horribly cheesy musicals so we're even. I... actually don’t know either about the spleen. So it can't be that important!

And since your earlier comments about design and oddities of Haapaniemi were clearly a desperate plea to read another ramble: I love Haapaniemi's Taika and Taikametsä series and Kaj Franck's Teema. If you can eat from turquoise and red plates and drink from mug with fairytale owls, well, all the better! (http://www.iittala.com/web/Iittalaweb.nsf/en/designers in case you're interested. I shouldn't make you google!).

Actually the early glassware has been gaining popularity here and the prizes of old discontinued brands like Riihimäen Lasi have gone up and some series have taken into production again, like Toikka's Kastehelmi (but not turquoise, sob. Oh well, I've found some from flee markets. And you'll find the new ones from Iittala's pages). I like Marimekko selectively, mostly the classics I remember from my childhood and of course my wonderfully tacky pink Mariskooli. Penttinen's Sukat makkaralla/Socks Rolled Down is kinda cute, too.

You're not cute? But... then your icons lie, how cruel! And it'd be good if you were - Finland could do with some more. Actually I should change places with you since I've never been in America and it makes my American studies professor weep. He came here to escape the Vietnam War so he's not exactly the youngest chap there is... it's like making the Santa sad. And he has the most adorable accent when he speaks Finnish! But he is still terribly confused if I speak with him in the phone using my original dialect. I don't know why... it's perfectly sensible to answer "yes no" and expect people to know what you mean. Right? /Leaving this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Savonian_dialects here and waiting for you to speak Finnish to me in my dialect <3

Re: hugs

[identity profile] diplopod.livejournal.com 2010-11-14 01:50 am (UTC)(link)
Oh, does that mean I win? :3c But hey, I listen to cheesy Japanese anime musicals too, so maybe we aren't so even. It's okay, I know my taste in music is a bit odd, to say the least.

Oh my god, you spoil me. I'll have you know I just spent at least an hour clicking around that website. *3* Haapaniemi's stuff is really cool. I love busy, colorful designs like that. And those Ultima Thule ones are wonderful too! I like artsy things, can you tell?

Oho, well this explains a lot. I was really surprised at how expensive some of this stuff was on ebay. But if they go out of production after a while and people collect them, then it makes sense. And shh you, I like the Mariskooi, they're not tacky. ;A; Or maybe they are. We both know my sense of taste is questionable. And I like the Unikko pattern they use on a lot of their stuff too, but a guy would get stares toting around flower print things here. orz

Well, if I wanted accurate icons, I'd have a bunch of Estonia, not Finland. :Va But nooo. Come visit the US, but don't trade places with me of all people! Trade places with someone in the city, the city's much more interesting! Also, I get the eerie feeling that will be me in the future. Except people will speak normal Finnish at me and I'll still be all "...eh?" /sob I have a long way to go. ;3;

Oh you. I'm not even good enough at basic Finnish to hold a simple conversation, forget dialects. Give me... ten more years, at least. /sob

Re: hugs

(Anonymous) 2010-12-08 03:04 pm (UTC)(link)
It totally doesn't mean you win since we're not counting any confessions about music I might have made somewhere at some point. Unless we count the fact that I listen to metal sung in Savonian dialect.

An hour? Clearly I thought it'd keep you entertained for a lot longer since I'm replying only now... Oh wait, for some reason they don't list those designer sex toys by Stefan Lindfors. Never mind then. I like Ultima Thule as well but usually I fall in love with stuff that's harder to find like Nanny Still's Grapponia. They're so adorably pompous and prickly! (http://www.designlasi.com/en/content/grapponia-wine-glass-5020-still-nanny-en)

For a while Marimekko had an old-fashioned reputation but they managed to update it a lot. Still you don't see that many guys (...people) in bright prints here either - but don't be fooled by that! Finnish men can totally pull of colour too: http://www.hel-looks.com/archive/#20100105_01 ♥

Btw that poisoned cake stuff I mentioned... I took it to the post office the last possible minute perfectly in time so it would be delivered safely before Christmas. Then I went home thinking how funny, it was cheaper than everything else I posted. Then I realised it was cheaper than everything else I posted and post offices just don't work like that. So I called them and they took it aside but unfortunately deadly deadlines are deadly and I couldn't go back immediately. It's on its way but it's not certain anymore will be there in time. ;A; Sorry! Well, good thing I wrote the traditional New Year's wishes as well so the... cake will be totally relevant after Christmas too. And good that I told you I wrote that. I've gotten replies before asking did my loopy handwriting say nice things or should they now be insulted.

But we need more dialect speakers! The dialects are slowly dying! ;3; Okay... you get the decade. But then you have to help me save the dialects.

Re: hugs

[identity profile] diplopod.livejournal.com 2010-12-08 05:24 pm (UTC)(link)
Hey, I thought we established you don't have any sense of taste when it comes to music either. You don't get you make fun of me anymore! /listens to Eurovision and likes it deal with it B)

Designer sex toys? I thought we were talking about Finnish design, not Swedish. Oh snap. /eyes.gif Oh god, if any Swedes ever read this I'm just joking, okay? Okay. ilu ;3; Ahh, that looks like something royalty would drink out of and if they're harder to find I'd be afraid to use them for anything. It's really pretty though! Glasswooork. ♥

Uh-oh, lack of bright clothes? I wear so many bright colors these days. And do you realize what you've just done? I'll have to draw Finland in terribly clashy bright colors now and it's all your fault.

adsfkl And that's okay, really! I guess I don't technically celebrate Christmas so much as winter let's-give-people-shit season anyway, so I don't mind when it gets here! I'm glad to be getting anything at all. ;3; I wonder if I should be insulted anyway, because you do have a habit of making fun of me. but we'll see, we'll see. o3o I'm pretty good at deciphering handwriting, I should be able to figure it out!

Oh yeah! I sent another package to Finland along with yours and it already arrived, so yours ought to show up really soon! I must have sent them with fast shipping instead of normal shipping by mistake (no wonder it cost me an arm and a leg), so it's going to get there way early. Oh well, you just get to enjoy it sooner! ♥

Re: hugs

(Anonymous) 2010-12-09 08:55 pm (UTC)(link)
...;3; Damn sleep deprivation making me confess things I'll regret later. Oh well. /boogies to Eurovison

It's Finnish design alright - since it has gotten rather bad reviews. ;A; Swedes should be proud of their reputation as the awesome sex toy nation! We just can't compare.

Doooo it. I need to see it. For science. And you can come here in your bright colours! Just don't mind us when we sulk in our blacks and greys. They're so saaafe.

I still really wish it would get there in time - I'm big on traditions, sob. But those are the only reason why I celebrate Christmas. Well, traditions and food and giving gifts. Um... would you believe me if I told you that in Finland bullying is considered like... a friendly clap on the shoulder? Like, totally polite and stuff... cultural differences... yeah.

Oh you sweet candy sending person you, I'm sugar high because of you (and it's a splendid thing since I will g2b after... about 26 hours. Yay sugar!). ♥ Is it normal to buhyoo when I'm called a creeper in a Christmas card? I'm really sorry it was so costly for you! A bit less costly though than sending it from here to there as priority. /flips Finnish post And oh my, it found its way here with only "Finland". Last time a package I was anxiously waiting took ages and finally came here with EUROPE written all over it with big angry letters. Would have been interesting to know what kind of detour it took.

♥ Thank you! ♥

Re: hugs

[identity profile] diplopod.livejournal.com 2010-12-09 09:41 pm (UTC)(link)
You wouldn't have sleep deprivation if you actually slept every once in a while! /dances with

Buhyoo! There, there, you can't win them all. Well, you guys can be awesome at uh... Designing kitchenware? Making candies that are supposed to taste like burned tires and distilled death? ;3;

Will do. o7 Already added it to my list of things to draw. And that's so depressing. But most people don't dress very flashy here either, I'm used to it.

Well, maybe it still will! Two weeks is about how long it normally takes packages to get here from Finland anyway. (Of course, there'll be Christmas traffic, but maybe!) Hee, I don't think it's so much of a Finnish thing. I have other friends that do it too! /secretly enjoys the attention don't tell anyone

Oh crap, I've aided you in staying up until ridiculous hours again! Damn! ;p Did I do that? I forget what I wrote already. But I meant it in the nicest most loving way possible, I'm sure. ♥ And shush you, it's my own fault for not checking what the hell first-class and express mean! And that's... wow. Okay, I'll admit I don't have much faith in my fellow Americans and their geography skills, but I at least expect them to know Finland's in Europe (even if they don't know exactly where in Europe.) I never write the continent on my packages! Though I'm tempted to write "Earth" on them sometimes just for laughs.

Anyway, you're very welcome. ♥♥♥
Edited 2010-12-09 21:42 (UTC)

Re: hugs

(Anonymous) 2010-12-09 10:21 pm (UTC)(link)
Can't sleep, too busy dancing to this awesome, awesome Eurovision music. With earplugs on.

We are awesome at making candies people eat only because the generations before them ate them too. Distilled death is my favourite flavour. ♥ But the candy you sent tastes like sugary sweet things - you know, like candy! /shocked about such inventive foreign ways

Yeah, normally it should be there in time but Christmas and overworked post office ladies who can't count are messing with my poisonous ploys gift giving. World is a cruel, cruel place. You clearly attract evil people. I'm so sorry for you! ;3; /bullies you gives attention

This time I need to stay up unlike all those other times when I go ooh, internet is doing things, I can't feel my eyes anymore look away - so you did me a favour! And helped me better to endure sentences like "She raced up a mountain slope and hurtled into a free fall of ecstasy". Yeah. Unfortunately she's not skydiving.

/returns to work hoping for some actual skydiving for a change
/keeps getting disappointed
/retaliates with making the sheiks and princes even more arrogant and imperious than in the original. Serves the boring non-skydiving protagonists right

Re: hugs

[identity profile] diplopod.livejournal.com 2010-12-11 11:44 pm (UTC)(link)
Oh, I know all about you Finns and your death candies. ≖_≖ I still haven't finished off my first box of salmiakki, you know. I bought it over a year ago. It's that bad. And hush you, I'm sure you have normal candy there too.

Don't worry so much. I'm sure it'll get here before New Years' at least! ♥ And they're not eviiil. ;3; /basks in the bullying attention

Ahhh, a lot of work to do, eh? I hope you've finished by now and gotten some rest. (Late reply is so late.) And that's... that's interesting. I think I'm just going to pretend they're sky diving anyway, because otherwise I have some sketchy ideas as to what you're translating. I guess translating is a hard job since you don't actually get to choose what you translate, huh? Good luck, anyway. ;3; The sooner you get it done, the sooner you don't have to read it anymore!