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Spam Post
Let's spam it up. If you want to friend me, you can let me know here if you want. Or just friend me without asking, that's fine too. Journal's public anyway. Likewise, feel free to de-friend me if you want. I won't get offended or ask any questions.

I always leave anonymous commenting on and IP logging off, so feel free to bug me whenever about whatever.

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yuuago: (NorIce - Rest)

[personal profile] yuuago 2010-12-11 06:44 am (UTC)(link)
I wish we lived near one another. Then I could just lend you this novel when I'm done with it.

(Yeah, World War Z again. Still enjoying it, even though it's disturbing)

I keep trying to say more in this comment, but then I keep deleting it because it's sappy 'n dumb 'n mostly just stuff I think I've mentioned before, the whole, "I wish we could study together and mooch books off one another and have a geeky bromance" thing.

That's dumb but I'm not going to delete it because it's less dumb than how I'd originally phrase it.

I should probably go to bed instead of being mushy all over your spampost.

[identity profile] diplopod.livejournal.com 2010-12-11 07:57 am (UTC)(link)
Mnngh, sorry I took so long to say something. Got bombarded with tags on the meme and I feel really bad if I make them wait. (But now I feel worse for making you wait, so lose-lose situation. /sob)

But ANYWAY, the feeling's mutual bro. Don't worry about being a sap, I'd say the same things and then some if I actually had y'know... guts. :|

But hey, maybe we'll run into each other someday and we can do some of those things! It wouldn't be the same as actually living nearby, but I guess that just means we'd have to make the most of it, eh? I wonder if you even remember this, but I still wouldn't mind playing with firecrackers and having a bonfire with yuu. It'd be fun. Studying and reading and being geeks all day, then being a couple of pyros at night. ♥ Okay, now I'm getting sappy.

And yes, yes you should. Not that I mind you being mushy all over my spam post, but you have work tomorrow and you're busy so you should get your rest so I don't have to worry about you. Even though you're probably already asleep because I'm dumb and took forever to reply to this. ANYWAY, I'm going to bed too. G'night, bro.

And sorry if I said anything weird it's like 3 am and I get a little loopy when I'm tired. orzzzzz
yuuago: (Nor&Ice - Sweetness)

[personal profile] yuuago 2010-12-11 03:04 pm (UTC)(link)
HEY MAN, don't worry about it. I went to bed shortly after posting all that nonsense, so 's no biggie.

Maybe I should send you some of my guts. Metaphorically. I have plenty, at least when it comes to things that aren't important.

Anyway. I hope that some day, that'll happen, because it would be totally awesome. Running into one another, I mean. (Hopefully not literally... that'd just be weird.)
And I totally remember that, and I still totally think it would be cool. Ahhhh <3

Hey, hey, I'm the one who does the nagging and worrying, here.
And I was going to say "OMG WHY WERE YOU UP AT 3 AM DON'T YOU HAVE SCHOOL" but then I realized... you don't. Ugh, this job makes all days run together, man. What is a weekend? They don't exist. orz

Anyway. I feel dumb now. Being mushy felt like a good idea at the time. :Va

[identity profile] diplopod.livejournal.com 2010-12-11 11:57 pm (UTC)(link)
Pfft, I'd only use them to make a complete and utter embarrassment of myself anyway. I told you I do stupid things with courage.

And hey, just because I'm supposed to be the little brother doesn't mean I can't nag you every once in a while. And RPing gay countries on the internet is a perfectly acceptable reason to stay up until 3 am, thank you very much.

Oh yeah, but uh. I lied. I forgot I wanted to send out your package today, so I ended up staying up later writing your card and making sure everything was in there and stuff. But I KIND OF FORGOT SOMETHING ANYWAY and already sent it out, so let me know when it gets there and I'll just tell you what is was supposed to be because it's nothing I can't just tell you over the internet alsdffks orz But the card says it's there which makes me feel dumb, but too late now. I would say more, but I don't want to ruin the ~*surprise*~.

I also forgot to send you some warmer weather. Oh well, you'll manage.
yuuago: (EstFin - I missed you)

[personal profile] yuuago 2010-12-12 04:00 am (UTC)(link)
You'd make an embarrassment. And then I'd laugh at you (more). And we can't have that.

NONSENSE, little bros can't nag, it's... uh... it's written in the bro code! YEAH. So, there. I win.
And RPing gay countries on the internet is so not a good reason to stay up, but considering I've done that before, I guess I have no room to talk. Those damn west-coasters, sob

Ehwha - OH. Well. In that case, no prob, I'll totally let you know when it gets here. I can hardly wait to get it, whatever is in it. <3
Also I tend to forget to put stuff in packages too, so you're not alone. orz

and sob don't even talk to me about the weather, man. [/clings to] alskdjfkl