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Spam Post
Let's spam it up. If you want to friend me, you can let me know here if you want. Or just friend me without asking, that's fine too. Journal's public anyway. Likewise, feel free to de-friend me if you want. I won't get offended or ask any questions.

I always leave anonymous commenting on and IP logging off, so feel free to bug me whenever about whatever.

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yuuago: (EstFin - I missed you)

[personal profile] yuuago 2010-12-12 04:00 am (UTC)(link)
You'd make an embarrassment. And then I'd laugh at you (more). And we can't have that.

NONSENSE, little bros can't nag, it's... uh... it's written in the bro code! YEAH. So, there. I win.
And RPing gay countries on the internet is so not a good reason to stay up, but considering I've done that before, I guess I have no room to talk. Those damn west-coasters, sob

Ehwha - OH. Well. In that case, no prob, I'll totally let you know when it gets here. I can hardly wait to get it, whatever is in it. <3
Also I tend to forget to put stuff in packages too, so you're not alone. orz

and sob don't even talk to me about the weather, man. [/clings to] alskdjfkl